Covid 19 Servicing Guide During Level 3

Customer vehicle drop off

  • Arrangements can be made for a contactless drop off

  • Scan the Covid Tracer QR Code

  • Drop your vehicle at our site at the agreed time, leave the keys in the car

  • No customers allowed onto the premises

  • Please follow COVID 19 Social Distancing guidelines

  • Be prepared to provide some contact & travel information

  • We will require your full contact details

  • No waiting on site will be allowed

  • To help our staff in sanitising, ensure the interior of your car is clean and tidy prior to drop off

  • Internal fans/air-cons need to be turned off by the customer upon arrival

  • Due to possible contamination until further notice we will not be replacing air con cabin filters

During work/repairs

  • All staff will be trained in COVID 19 Health & Safety procedures

  • Vehicles will be sanitised before moving or commencing work (all contact points, door handles, steering, gear lever, handbrake etc)

  • One dedicated staff member per vehicle

  • Staff will be keeping Social Distance within the workshop

  • Tracking of staff allocation to vehicles

  • All Staff will be using PPE as required

  • Technicians to only use their own tools only, no sharing

  • NO admittance to the workshop

  • Courier/parts deliveries to a dedicated drop area (no contact, packaging disposed of immediately)

  • Vehicles to be sanitised on completion of work prior to customer pickup


Customer Vehicle Pickup

  • Arrangements can be made for a contactless pick up

  • Please follow COVID 19 Social Distancing guidelines

  • Payment can be made in several ways, bank transfer, off site credit card, Eftpos etc.